Rfid Attendance software

In any education institution or school, attendance management of student plays an important role. Manual tracking of student activities and attendance is a hectic task so software with all the update technologies helps the institutions a lot. RFID software for attendance management has been adopted by many schools to track the student activities and attendance.

RFID is Radio Frequency Identification which consists of a reader, a tag, microcontroller unit and LCD display. Every student in the school has been given to wear a RFID tag in the form of ID card. The programming of these tags will be according to unique student profile and the antennas will be places in different school location like main gates, libraries, canteens and classrooms.

RFID Attendance software is beneficial for students, teachers and parents ensuring the safety of student as everything is recorded in the system when student enter the schools and the time when the student left the school. It provides faster communication, better disciplined atmosphere and also SMS alerts are sent to parents about student activities.Scalability is what most important to look for in school attendance system. RFID software is easy and flexible to use according to the growing needs of organization. The same software and hardware can also be used to generate the reports also. RFID is complete software which is worth not only for student but also for teachers and other staff. The overall security can be done by tracking of student in the school and also other places where any supervision of adult is required.

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